New ES-LINK3 that enables broadband transmission

The P-02 and D-02 have support for Esoteric’s original transmission format “ES-LINK3” and can perform a maximum 48-bit/176.4kHz broadband PCM digital transmission (*1) using two XLR cables. These models also have support for “Dual AES 8Fs” standard (maximum 24-bit/352.8kHz) (*2). These models can perform conventional Direct Stream Digital (DSD) transmission and direct DSD-to-analog conversion processing for Super Audio CD (SACD) playback.
The VRDS turntable is designed to physically correct all vibrations and completely stabilize the disc so adverse effects during high-speed rotation can be eliminated.
*1 The D-02 can handle inputs of signals up to 48-bit/192kHz.
*2 The D-02 can handle inputs of signals up to 24-bit/384kHz.

35-bit D/A processing (patent pending)

The D-02 applies a “35-bit D/A processing (patent pending)” algorithm that converts PCM signals to analog signals at a high resolution of 35 bits by combining several 32-bit DAC devices. This process enhances the reproduction of analog waveforms by implementing even finer bit gradation. The D-02 not only copes with future increases in the number of bits of the digital source, it can also perform accurate analog conversion by taking full advantage of gradation of the data transmitted via ES-LINK3, and high-bit data (32 bits and higher), obtained by internal operation processing. In comparison with the resolution of 24-bit encoding, 32-bit encoding can theoretically have a resolution that is 256 times higher. Therefore, 35-bit encoding has incredibly high resolution, which is 8 times higher than the resolution of 32-bit encoding (2,048 times higher than the resolution of 24-bit encoding). The final analog output signal has both a very delicate and smooth sound quality with high resolution, and a distinctive power of expression, even for extremely small signal levels.


Abundant use of high-grade components in design

Esoteric has made maximum use of high-grade components for the internal construction of the P-02 and D-02. A total of eight independent Esoteric toroidal core power supply units are installed in the combined system to supply clean and stable power to each circuit. The inside of the chassis has our double-deck structure that is partitioned into 5 sections. Each circuit block is assembled in a dedicated compartment and placed three-dimensionally in order to minimize interference between circuits. A 3D optimized chassis construction also has been adopted to establish the shortest signal paths. The exterior is constructed using thick aluminum material whereas the bottom chassis is made of 5mm-thick steel. The bottom chassis is supported at four points with Esoteric-original pinpoint feet (patent No. 4075477). This four-point system effectively suppresses vibration, reduces resonance and assures extremely high rigidity.

New dimensional isolated clock technology

The quality of music signals is impaired by jitter which is caused by the distortion of waveforms between the reference clock and signal data. The clock circuit, which supplies highly accurate reference clock signals to a digital circuit, is an extremely important component that can be considered to be the core unit for a digital player. The P-02 and D-02 adopt an isolated clock technology that completely isolates the clock circuit from other circuit blocks. The clock module assembled in both the P-02 and D-02, has been developed with an ingenious design to achieve the same quality as an external master clock generator available as a single unit. The clock module is equipped with a dedicated toroidal core power supply transformer and a power supply stabilizing circuit. The ground of the clock module is also isolated from other circuits. As a result, this module can supply pure clock signals to the system by completely minimizing the occurrence of random jitter that results from power voltage or ground voltage fluctuations.

Esoteric’s clock module adopts a Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) assembled with a large crystal element that is carefully selected from the aspect of sound quality. The P-02 transport and D-02 D/A converter are equipped with two VCXOs each in accordance with the frequencies to be processed. This VCXO system has demonstrated a high accuracy of +/-0.5ppm at the factory prior to shipment. Additional special care for sound quality is given to the connection between the built-in clock module and DAC module of D-02: they are hard-wired using coaxial cable. This cable uses a gold-plated SMA connector developed for high-frequency transmission, and keeps transmission losses of the audio clock to an absolute minimum, which is critical for improving sound quality.

Direct master clock LINK without PLL

The WORD sync function, which is one of the core technologies from Esoteric, synchronizes playback with the transport and D/A converter using an external WORD clock and effectively reduces jitter. The P-02 and D-02 have introduced a completely new system for WORD sync. This new system is called the “Direct master clock LINK without Phase-Locked Loop (PLL)” and it directly supplies the master clock to the P-02.

This master clock is a digital audio output reference clock (22.5792MHz) generated within the high-accuracy clock module of the D-02. The system also uses this master clock as the clock of the digital output circuit without passing through the PLL circuit in the P-02. Since this system does not pass through unnecessary or complicated circuits, it enables pure and direct clock processing and contributes to achieving a clear and accurate sound image localization and ultra clear sound quality.

Support for 10MHz master clock input and other wide-ranging clock connection options

The P-02 and D-02 can be connected to a conventional external WORD clock (44.1kHz, 88.2kHz, and 176.4kHz) in order to use a WORD sync function to synchronize playback. They also can be connected to a high-precision rubidium master clock generator such as the G-0Rb rubidium master clock. Furthermore, both the P-02 and D-02 are equipped with a 10MHz master clock input jack for connecting a 10MHz-output external clock system. In other words, you can connect the units to a wide variety of optional external clock generators for upgrading incrementally to a higher quality Esoteric sound system.