Our Philosophy

“The joy of the highest levels of musical elation.” Our corporate philosophy as our foundation has been embodied through providing superb audio and video products for over 21 years.

Now, to further pursue our corporate credo, we shall aspire to reinforce our own corporate identity by the same token.

From analog discs to analog tapes, CDs to Super Audio CDs, videotape to DVDs, there were several transitions and technical innovations in auditory and visual media. ESOTERIC, which was born in the midst of such transition, shall pursue a unique path as a high-end audio-video brand, focusing on components of higher value and adding amplifiers into our product line. This evolution allows us to merge both high recording and replay technologies, based on our own technical innovation and proprietary technologies.

Despite changing times and whirlwind markets, there remain musical and visual connoisseurs who are seeking true excitement. As long as there are such people we shall with great care develop and actively release new products, that improve upon the “state of the art,” within each business category that we pursue. This is our mission.


Our History


In order to bring the highest level musical experience to demanding audiophiles, TEAC launched the “ESOTERIC” brand which exclusively engineered and manufactured high end audio products. ESOTERIC’s first introductions included the P-1 / D-1 separate CD player system and the R-1 DAT recorder. The P-1 was ESOTERIC’s first introduction of the truly unique VRDS (Vibration-free Rigid Disc Clamping System) mechanism attracting serious attention among many true audiophiles of that era.



The first decade of ESOTERIC history was a rush of attractive new models; the X-1 CD player, the following X-1s, X-10w, and the upgraded X-10wD. The P-01 CD transport evolved to the P-2, and then to the P-2s. ESOTERIC’s “mechatronics,” technologies were highly enhanced and accumulated, then fed back to engineering development for more new products such as the P-10, the P-30 and the P-50 CD players.



ESOTERIC introduced another new and superior CD transport, the legendary P-0 as their 10th Anniversary model. The P-0 featured a unique “Lossless Sled,” optical pickup mechanism providing extremely accurate data retrieval. This ultimate masterpiece was a winner of many famous Japanese magazine awards and was the pinnacle of the CD player scene at that time.



ESOTERIC introduced the X-01 Super Audio CD / CD player and the UX-1 universal DVD player, both featuring VRDS-NEO mechanisms. (The VRDS-NEO is the next generation of VRDS drive mechanisms compatible with Super Audio CD and DVD formats). The X-01 and UX-1 were built with a resonance-free massive chassis. Both are highly acclaimed as pure audio/video source devices, being free from unwanted resonance caused by the high speeds required for Super Audio CD and DVD disc rotation.

Also in 2003, ESOTERIC developed the G-0s Rubidium master clock generator. The master clock technology became another representative high end technology of ESOTERIC



“The world’s finest separate digital source playback system designed to meet the challenge of capturing all the potential of the Super Audio CD format” – the reference P-01 / D-01 combination system was born in 2004. The P-01 transport uses ESOTERIC’s highest quality VRDS-NEO mechanism which evolved from the critically acclaimed X-01. To further improve performance, the P-01 is powered by a highly refined separate power supply unit. The D-01 is the world’s first monaural D/A converter system designed for ultimate channel separation and fidelity. This reference source system embodies the complete engineering integration of ESOTERIC’s digital source technologies, The P-01 / D-01 system has become the “benchmark” for digital source systems worldwide.



The P-03 / D-03 Super Audio CD separate source system was introduced in 2005. Advanced technology combined the highly acclaimed separate design concepts of the P-01 / D-01, and applied new DSD signal processing technology. The P-03 / D-03 system reproduces highly detailed musical performances surrounded by extreme transparency – right down to the performer’s breath –



The P-03 Universal, a first class universal DVD transport was introduced in the early 2006 to meet the world’s highest level video source playback requirement. In the same year, ESOTERIC produced the “Elegance Series,” consisting of three high tech industrial designs: the SZ-1 Super Audio CD/CD player, the UZ-1 universal disc player, and the AZ-1 digital integrated amplifier master clock combination. The Elegance series is an integration of minimal simplicity and state of art sound technology designed for your enjoyment throughout the 21st century!



ESOTERIC also introduces a new series of components for CD and Super Audio CD audiophile playback: The P-05 / D-05 components, incorporate a completely new VRDS-NEO mechanism model “VMK-5,” and also use the world’s first 32 bit D/A converter technology